A day in Sitges


Sitges is a beach town South of Barcelona. We waited till the day before we had to fly home to go here, since the weather was supposed to be nice, and im glad we did. From the hotel, it’s a 10 block walk to the Passeig de Gracia train station (where we stopped in several shops for some shirts and a scarf), then a 45 minute ride to Sitges.

As usual, the European trains are nice, clean and punctual. In fact, we never needed a cab during this trip, just taking trains, buses or walking everywhere.


A very quaint town in miniature. The streets are a narrow twisty maze with beachy shops and you never know how close to the beach you are, but it is never far.






Our table for lunch had a nice sea breeze and a lovely view of the beach. The seafood platter was the best so far with enough variety that I could skip the mussels and not feel guilty. Somehow the waiters always knew that we are Americans and just handed us the English menus.







I spotted this Peugeot TT-clone in a tiny dealership and ran in to snap this shot before a guard-type ran up an told me “no photos” as I slipped my iPhone into my pocket.
I told him, “I guess I won’t be buying it then” and walked out.


I have to end with this picture that Carolyn took a couple of days ago, since it is so fantasy-looking and I think cool…


One thought on “A day in Sitges

  1. Beautiful photos, Chris and Carrie. Thanks for sharing them! I too LOVE the last shot of the ‘Sleeping Beauty Castle’ with thorny vines encircling it! Awesome!

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