St George’s (Sant Jordi) Day in Barcelona

This holiday which is similar to our Valentine’s Day, but the men give their women roses, and women give their men a book to celebrate the occasion. Legends about Barcelona have associated roses with this day since medieval times, in fact St George is the patron saint of Barcelona, so this is one of their biggest holidays.

Heading out from our hotel, just behind Carolyn.


The crowds were huge in the shopping district, but were manageable.
We spent a good part of the day wandering around the city’s main shopping street called Las Ramblas. Hundreds of flower stands selling roses and tables selling books were setup down the street as far as we could see.


The ubiquitous scooters and motorcycles.


It’s appropriate that Carolyn and stopped at the Casa Batll√≥ today. According to some authorities on Gaud√≠ architecture, the roof represents a dragon; the small turret with a cross would symbolize the sword of St. George stuck into the dragon. The bones and skulls on the facade represent all the dragon’s victims.


We rested our weary feet at this sidewalk cafe for a refreshing beverage. There were a group of girls waiting for the cupcake shop to reopen after siesta, so we knew they had to be good.


I gave my novia a red velvet rose cupcake for my gift.


We caught this Spanish gentleman just when he gave his girlfriend a rose.



We had another fine dinner, but tonight arrived at the restaurant at 7:00 PM and we were the first ones there!



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