Arriving in Paris


We took the red-eye into Paris on an 8 hour flight from Minneapolis on the very last row of seats on the plane. This is nice that there was no one else behind us on the plane, but we could hear the banging and chatting of the flight attendants for most of the flight.
We arrived in paris and soon were looking for a bus.
We found one that took us to the Gare de Leon and then to the Gare de Mountparnasse.


I ended up getting off the bus every time that it stopped, since our bags were in the under-bus storage area and I did not trust anyone not to walk off with one of our bags.

I had to bang on the bus door to get back in since one or two of the stops were just for dropping people off.


We saw our first French artwork on the way into the city. In the traffic it took an hour and a half, but was less than half the cost of a taxi.


The down-side is that we were dropped off a mile from the hotel and it took us an hour to navigate our way to the Grand St Michael on the other side of the Luxembourg Gardens.

Good thing that all we brought with us were carry-on bags. Carolyn stopped at a large market and got bread, cheese and Gin & Tonic makings. I picked up a lime at another fruit vender along the way. That worked out well too, since when we got to the hotel, we had to wait 2 hours for our room.

We setup bar in the lobby and made several drinks (man, I miss my knife when it came to those limes). We had the staff get us a bucket of ice. What’s up with the French stinginess with ice?



The room was a very pleasant surprise. Very nice, upscale and roomy by parisian standards. Apparently there is a huge difference between a 2star and a 3star hotel. Funny thing, our old 2star hotel from the last trip is directly across the street.
We crashed in the room and slept for 6 hours. Carolyn just had chemo a couple of days earlier, so I encouraged her to sleep even more. It’s a good thing that I don’t need to work from the hotel; the wireless connection is very flaky. Carolyn decided she wanted to remodel our little master bath at home just like this one.


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  1. Well, even if off to a rocky start, you are in PARIS! Love getting to come along in this way! Keep up the dialogue and the pictures! LOVE IT!!! : D

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