Flying around to Barcelona


We had our leisurely breakfast with too many pots of strong French coffee, pastries prosciutto and lox.

We packed up our bags and headed off on the #2 train from the Luxembourg station to Charles de Gaulle airport to catch our 3:30 flight to Barcelona. We got off the train into the twilight zone of an empty train station. We eventually found the terminal for Iberia airlines when the girl at the counter told us that ORLY means the Orly Airport on the other side of Paris. F*ck!!!


At least we have the trains totally figured out now, but we’re out of train tickets and the kiosks are not working, so we hurried up and waited in line to purchase 2 more. We jumped on the train back into the city, hopped on the spur line from Antony station to Orly Airport and got thru security to the terminal lounge bar in time for a couple of large and needed Stella’s before boarding. Amazing that we made it. I was so stressed out on the train ride that I yelled at a group of punks on the train to “Leave us the f*ck alone”.




We got to the lovely Barcelona airport and jumped onto the 1A bus into the heart of the city. We decided to walk the 10 blocks to the Astoria Hotel where we were staying. The room is on the top floor of the hotel with a wonderful view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. There was partying and group singing and yelling, hooting and hollering out on the street till 3:00 AM but we were too wiped out to join in the mayhem.




The next morning, we fueled up on expressos before heading out to find a laundry and get some calamari and cuttlefish tapas. We found a mercado to stock up on munchies and drinks back in the room.






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