A chilly day in the city of Love

We popped into this pub on the way home late in the evening, since Carolyn’s ears were getting cold and had a couple of Stellas. We ordered the 25′s thinking large 25 ounce beers, and got 25 Ml little beers instead, so we quickly switched. We finished out last night with an English pub in the heart of the student district. The place was warm and packed with the college crowd just finishing up a bar-wide game of trivia. Tonight was USA trivia (we should have gotten here earlier and entered).


We got up early on Monday and realized that this is the day that all the museums are closed, so we decided to spend the day up on hill of Montmartre. We took a couple of trains over to the area and wandered through a slightly seedy district, navigating our way to the hill. Carolyn remarked “Where are all the tourists?”.



Once we got there we found out. Perhaps they all take tour-buses or something, because none of them came the way we got there.


It was lovely walking up the winding paths up the hill to the large Sacre Coeur church at the top of the hill, although it got windier and colder as we climbed. The church was very impressive both outside and inside. I noticed a group of Japanese girls sitting at a pew, feverishly praying with their heads down in their laps. I though it was unusual for a group of Catholic Japanese girls in the church, until I looked closer and saw that they all had there faces inches above their phones and were texting madly.


Next to the church was a square filled with artists selling their art. We found a nice painting of the Seine and the Notre Dame that we purchased, just before popping into a cafe for beers (50′s this time) to relax and warm up.


The tourists were getting annoying, so we grabbed a monster hot-dog on some awesome french bread and found a quiet bench to scarf it down, before heading back to the city. Who is that homeless woman holding a sign?



After a quick nap back in our room, we headed out to a Craperie for crapes and a bottle of chardonnay that had in full view of the Parthenon as the sun was setting. Our waiter was very interested in Colorado and gave us his facebook name so that we could follow him. I told Carolyn that she had “that certain “je ne sais pas” thinking that it was that undefinable character that makes a person attractive and interesting. The waiter told us that it just means “i don’t know”. Oh well, so much for French compliments…


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