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Masterpieces from the Museum D'Orsey
Masterpieces from the Museum D'Orsey We had pretty much decided on the places that we wanted to see before we left for Europe. But, be flexible in your travel plans to take advantage of special events that you may not be aware of until you arrive. We were not planning to go to Buckingham Palace in London for instance, until our B&B host informed us that the Queen was on holiday for the next 2 months and the staterooms of the palace, as well as a display of many of Queen Elizabeth's gowns and jewels were on display at the palace. We called a day ahead and made our reservations, which saved waiting in the long line to purchase tickets at the palace. Masterpieces from the Museum D'Orsey
Masterpieces from the Museum D'Orsey

Ticket to the Museum D'Orsey In Paris, rather than purchasing individual tickets at each museum you could opt to purchase a Paris Museum Pass which allow you entry into most of the museums in the city. We did not go this route, because although we loved the museums, we also loved hanging out in the cafes, wandering around the city and shopping. We did not want to feel obligated to go to as many museums as possible because of the pass.

In London, there are many shows that are fun to watch. This is the place to see shows because in Paris, unless you speak French, they are not going to be too interesting. Checkout the current shows at the London Theater Guide.

Most of the museums and many of the palaces have electronic tour guides that hang around your neck with a strap and headphones. These can be rented cheaply and allow you to create your own tour and move at your own pace. Usually there will be a code that you punch in to get a description of a room that you are in or the history of a painting or sculpture that you are looking at. This is nice if you are traveling without a tour group because you are not missing on the background and history that makes visiting these places so interesting. We would each rent one and when we got to something we were interested in, we would synchronize hitting the play button so that we would hear the same tour at the same time. It sounds kind of goofy but we had fun doing it. The one on the left works with headphones and the one on the right works like a regular phone and you hold the whole device up to your ear.
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