We found our B&B in London and our hotel in Paris by searching for places that looked good on the internet. We also had several recommendations from friends and relatives, but those were either full, in locations that we did not want to stay or were not within our budget.

You don't need to be right in the heart of the action, but if you are near a tube or underground station, then you can get to the places you want to see quickly and the rates will be a little cheaper. It is easier to get the feeling of being a local, even if only for a week by staying at a smaller place that is away from the main tourist areas.

Things to look for are
  • Cleanliness - Look at the reviews online and the web sites will brag about how clean they are also.
  • Wireless internet or close to an internet cafe
  • In the summer, be sure to be on a quiet street, or in the back because you probably won't have air conditioning and you WILL need to leave the window open.
  • Close to pubic transportation
  • Cheaper hotels might not have elevators or private baths

Notes on B&Bs

We had never stayed in a B&B. I think a big part of the enjoyment of your stay is how well you get along with the hosts. How often can you go up on the roof-top of a hotel for a nice glass of wine and relax as the sun is going down and gaze off at the treetops and quaint chimneys and remote spires? A B&B will also be very autonomous like you are just living in a local house or apartment.
  • The hosts at little B&Bs will be much more helpful in planning your days activities and making suggestions.
Can you pick out which one is the B&B and which are just flats?
Check out the bed & breakfast where we stayed, the Barclay House.

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