The Eurostar Train

We purchased round-trip airline tickets from the USA to Heathrow in London because this was the cheapest deal that we could find. After a week in London, we took the Eurostar train from downtown London to downtown Paris. The trip took less than 3 hours. It cost us $300 total for 2 tickets to Paris and 2 tickets back to London. The train is very nice and comfortable unless you get backward facing seats, especially those that are not next to a window. This is what we ended up with, but we switched to nice forward facing seats next to a large window as soon as the train started moving because the train was only half full.

A better option would be to fly from the USA into London, then take the EuroStar to Paris, then fly from Paris back home. This saves a valuable day of your European vacation from needing to be spent traveling back to the Heathrow airport. We could not do this with our frequent-flyer miles however.

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