We traveled in September, when the weather in London and Paris is still hot. For some excellent tips see RickSteves tips

After a week in London we took all of our clothes to a local laundry mat and washed and dried virtually everything. This meant that we traveled to Paris with everything clean so we really only needed a weeks worth of clothing for the whole trip.

A couple of thing that we found particularly useful were the following.

  • A windproof, waterproof jacket with a hood. No one wears hats in Paris. We saw a couple come into our hotel one evening completely drenched to the skin after walking back in an evening thunderstorm.


  • Lightweight linen pants worked great for comfort.
  • They say that shorts will mark you as a tourist, but I ended up wearing mine out quite a bit and I never felt out of place.


  • A couple of good travel dresses are good. We took a couple of 3/4 sleeve Tomboy dresses from Title Nine that can be casual or quite dressy.
  • Tee shirts and cardigans that can be worn alone or together. Bring colors that can all be mixed and matched.
  • Black pants can always be dressed up.
  • Scarves are popular in London and Paris and can dress up an outfit.
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