This morning I ran out and got 3 café grandes while Carolyn was still in the shower. 2 for her and 1 for me because I am just an amateur caffeine addict. We Slept in late this morning and and cleaned up and washed our clothes.

We shopped our way down the Boulevard St Michaels on the way to the river, again mostly going down side streets. We did manage to go inside the Notre Dame today, but our pictures cannot do it justice. We had a nice lunch at the Quasimodo Brassiere with painting and statues of hunchbacks everywhere. Once again the menu was a challenge. I ordered a pate sandwich and Carolyn had a ham & cheese sandwich. Mine was a plate of pate with bread pieces on the side (still very good, just unexpected) and Carolyn’s was a sandwich with the cheese melted on the outside of the bread (the American way of cooking this sandwich is much less messy, but not as photogenic).



We are out and about on the island. We found a cool public toilet that washes itself like a dishwasher after every use, but only Carolyn was gutsy enough to try it.


We caught the BatoBus (water-taxi) from the Hotel De Villa up to the Ave Des Champs Elysees on the Seine. 11 Euros each for a day pass. It helps to have a lovely tour guide to point out the highlights of the trip!


We shopped our way up the high-end stores on the Ave Des Champs Elysees, but nothing jumped out as us except for more café grandes and chocolate crepes. There is our final destination, the Arch De Triumph, behind the Smart Car, way up the sculpted tree-lined cobblestone avenue.


Carolyn always stops to admire the gardens and planting arrangements wherever we go.



We walked down to the Eiffel Tower via the Ave Marceauand, shared a pitcher of Brouilly (red wine) at Le Tour Eiffel Brasserie before hunting down the nearest ButaBus stop for a nice boat ride home. We always take new routes when walking, such as this interesting lane which had cool little shops.




We did stumble across a cool little market-street up this lane a ways, where we picked up stuff for dinner at a boulangerie, a Chinese takeout shop, a cheese shop and a FranPix market for later consumption in our not-so-grand hotel room. Our clothes from this morning were still pretty damp, despite drying all day. Hopefully we will have something clean that we can wear tomorrow J

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