We awoke to another bright sunshiny day in Paris. We drug ourselves out of the hotel and had cappuccinos and café grandes with croissants that we ate in the Luxemburg gardens. It’s sad to say, but this was the high point of our culinary adventures for the day.

We shopped our way down the Boulevard St Germaine for hours ducking into side streets such as that one below, looking at all kinds of stuff.


We passed many cafes today, but ended up splitting just a cheese baguette for lunch today with a couple of warm cokes that we ate on the steps of the Museum.



Today we realized how many Euros that we have been spending and started looking at cheaper water-front property to better budget our funds for the rest of our trip.



We finally arrive at our destination for the day, the Musee D’Orsey. This is a large train station that has been transformed into a museum with a superb collection of impressionist painters. It was 3:30 when we finally arrived at the museum and we lucked out that today (Thursday) is the one day that they are open till 9:30 rather then the ususal 5:30! Paris is so full of distractions that it took us about 5 hours to walk here from the hotel.


We spent 4 hours in the Orsey Museum looking at Gauguin, Matisse, Monet, Degas, Renoir, Sisley, Van Gogh and Whistler paintings, just to name-drop a few. This museum allows photographs of All their artwork, so we now have screen savers for the next several years! Here is a sample of one of my personal favorites, Van Gogh.



We had rented these phone-like museum guides (hanging around my neck) that describe much of the artwork and the history behind many of the pieces.

 Of course there is the standard assortment of incredible sculptures as well. This one is actually a woman!



We had sore feet and aching backs at the end of our personal tour. This is the main gallery with 5 levels of artwork behind us.


We jumped on the bus for a quick ride back to the hotel. We really tried to fight the urge, but Clayton would be glad to know that we finally broke down and each had a number 1 combo meal at McDonalds.













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