After having our cappuccinos and croissants in the Luxemburg gardens, we headed down to the river.

Here we are walking up the Seine past the street vendors. Today we are headed up to the Louvre to see some artwork by the masters including Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo. Some of the artwork by the street vendors is pretty good also!



This is mostly a museum day. The Louvre is so massive that it makes even the huge palaces in England seem diminutive. These colonnades just seem to pale next to Carolyn! This is just a teaser of the art to come.



Just when the incredible amount of artwork starts to get tedious along comes a piece that gets you going again. That is until you walk around to the other side and see that this is a statue of Aphrodite and you realize that you are admiring a fine specimen of a hermaphrodite.


Carolyn has an eye for the classical romantic pieces. There are no photographs of the paintings here. There is also no touching of any of the artwork, especially the paintings, many of which are right at eye-level and have no protective covers. In fact we saw one chubby middle-aged lady walk past a huge and extremely impressive 11th century Greek tile work, dragging her fingers along the tile the whole way, in front of a large black guard-woman who was sleeping soundly in her chair not 20 feet away.

By far, the most popular exhibit is that of the Mona Lisa which is really quite small compared to most of the huge masterpieces adorning the walls of this palace.



Ok, now after nearly 7 hours, we are getting tired and starting to get silly! I never would have thought I could have made it more than 3!



At this point our feet are tired, our backs are sore and we just need a brassiere. We walked down to the museum, but we are taking the 27 bus back to the hotel. I just hope this bus won’t be as hot and sweaty as yesterdays ride back from the Rue Cler.



We found a nice place to eat behind the Panthenon called Le Petite café where we dined next to a semi-retired couple from Berkeley. Carolyn had a fillet of Poulet and I had a thon steak on mashers with a large beer (I broke from drinking wine with dinner in Paris). The funny thing is that when Carolyn ordered, she thought it was fish and when I ordered I thought it was a steak, but she had chicken and I had tuna! This is a view down the street from the Panthenon on our way to the café. There are hundreds of cafes, restaurants, snack bars, bistrots, boulalgenres and brassieres within a 10 minute walk of our hotel room. The café that we went to this evening, we spotted on our late night walk in the neighborhood behind the Panthenon last night.



Nothing like a fine Cuban cigar to round out a good meal! Hey those ruddy cheeks are from the intense Parisean sun and not from starting to become a wino.
















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