We got up and I ran out for our 3 cups of Café Grande while Carolyn got us packed up to go. We need to be alert to negotiate these on the way out of the hotel!


We took a taxi to the train station, then a quick 3 hours on the EuroStar across the French countryside, under the English Channel and into London. I guess we are getting jaded as this is our second trip, because we annoyed our seat-mates by chuckling out loud to Corky Remano on DVD that we watched on our laptop. We then hopped on the tube train to our hotel in Green Park. Our first priority was to find a good olde English pub for suds and grub. Here we are wandering around Green Park looking for a Pub.



Voila (Oops wrong language). We have finally found what we are looking for.



Ok, we just need to find a table, order some drinks and search the menu for some real English fare on our last night in England. Hey as an added bonus, you can play “Where’s Waldo” in this picture to find us.



Excellent! Carolyn found roast beef with gravy and Yorkshire pudding; I found a chicken/mushroom pie that tasted exactly like Thanksgiving dressing with gravy.



We are now winding down and preparing for the alleged 3 hour security wait at Heathrow tomorrow. We are actually spending our last night in an American-sized room at the Hotel Washington – Mayfair which is a nice place to spend our last evening here.




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