We arrived safely and in good shape yesterday around 10:00 am.  The plane ride was great.

We got a tube pass for the week right at Heathrow and will use that to get around on the trains and buses.

The B&B is in a regular English neighborhood with lots of stores and cafes just around the corner (see pics).



Here we are unpacking in our little B&B and relaxing with a glass of sherry. Note the little coal-burning fireplace. The house is on 6 little levels with a nice roof-top garden to relax in after a long day.




The room really not too much larger than what is needed to get into the bed. There is a new $2000 foam mattress which was extremely comfortable.



Londoners leaving the tube station for home at the end of the day in Fulsom.



Just a look at a typical street in the neighborhood with narrow streets and multiple chimneys on the homes. Note the ubiquitous buses and black cab.




A view from our rooftop garden.



This is a block from our B&B in Fulsom. Note the TT in the foreground!



















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