This is Colt's basic itinerary for his trip to Europe…


1. Cordoba
2. Seville
3. Cadiz
4. Granada
5. Valencia
6. Barcelona
7. Madrid
8. Toledo
9. Salamanca
10. San Sabastion


first day in spain

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So my first day in Spain was a bit rough and I figured that this blog could use a personal touch so here is a harrowing retelling of my first few days in Spain. My plane was late leaving denver and I was unable to get any sleep during the flight due to excitement. When I arrived in londen I went to my second terminal to fly to spain only to find that my plane had already left. I waited in line for about an hour, and went through security 3 times during which I had my swiss army card confiscated(sorry dad) which was impressive, as it made it through 2 security checks no problem, and even made it through this one previously without incident. When I made it to Madrid my luggage was lost and i managed to tell the Iberian office officals that I needed to have my bags forwarded to my adress in Spain. Then I had to take the metro, a new experience for me, to the train station. I had no idea how to use the metro or where I needed to go as I had about 4 different cars and a 30 minute ride to get to the train station. I was dismayed to discover that the nice lady at the information desk for the metro spoke no english and that the machine that i needed to use was also not bilingual. We managed to get me a ticket after some time and I figured out the metro to the train station. When I arrived I was very tired, it was around midnight in Madrid, and I was dying of heat as all I had were some jeans and a long sleeve shirt and the temp. was about 90 degrees all day and 80 at night (killer hot!) The train station was closed, and after about 3 hours of wandering the streets, following misleading signs, I finally found a hostal. Unfortunately I couldn´t figure out how to open the door and finally a nice spanish gentleman took pity on me and showed me where the bell was so that the man in the lobby would unlock it for me. I stayed in a tiny room that night and slept for the first time in around 24 hours, probably more. The next morning I left sweating and ready to the train station where I learned how to buy a rail ticket, also in spanish, to Seville. 4 hours later I was in Seville minus luggage and as hot and humid as ever! The lady at the information desk there gave me a map and showed me where my adress to pick up my keys was, as all I had was the adress of the school, the hostal where my keys were, and my actual adress. As well as a tele number for the hostal. I walked to the hostal (about 40 minutes) and the man there told me he didn´t have my keys. I then went to my apartment and after much ringing of various habitants doorbells found out that the landlord wasn´t home but that the number on my sheet was his number. I walked back to the hostal to use their phone where the lobby man told me that the number I had was in fact the number of the Hostal and he told me that my best bet was to wait outside my building(on a 100 degree day) for him to show up whenever. This was a poor plan in my opinion so I left my carry on at the desk and walked back to my apartment (about 10 min. away) there I again got ahold of the girl who I spoke with the first time and she gave me my landlords number. I walked back to the hostal, had the lobby man call my landlord to let me in, got my bag, and walked back. The landlord of my building doens´t speak english and basically told me that there are a lot of rules and that he was my neighbor. Then he told me to ask my roomates what all these rules are and handed me a sheet in spanish that had all of these rules on them. He let me in and left. I met my first roomate and she was a very nice girl from poland. We said little more then hi as i was exhaused and in terrible need of a shower. All I had was a expandable washcloth and i managed to buy some soap at a local shop even though it was sunday and everything was basically closed, even the supermarket, all day. I took a well deserved shower and felt much better until i realized that i had forgotten my towel in my room which had a girl i had known for maybe 2 minutes now between me and it. So now I was exhaused, still hot, had one pair of cloths, was soaking wet, and had an adventure awaiting involving my birthday suit and a girl i barely knew between me my towel. Needless to say my roomate is still on speaking terms with me and i am no longer in the bathroom contemplating my fate. Sometimes you just get lucky!

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Hey, I´ve been living and attending a spanish language school in Seville, Spain for the last three weeks. Things here are great, (killer hot) and I enjoy everything a lot. So far I have been to A beach in Portugal named the Isla de Tavira, a small town called Carmen in the spanish country side, a beautiful town built on the side of a cliff called Ronda, and Cordoba. Here in Seville I attend courses about four hours each day and spend most of my free time studying and hanging out with multiple new friends who I will post about from time to time. Seville is a very beautiful and has a rich culture that involves moorish art and arctecture, flamenco dancing (which is a lot of fun to see), and eating tapas, which are like small appetizers which can be composed of almost anything. I have one more week here and am sad to be leaving, but excited to be moving on and exploring new places. I will try to get a rough itenerary in the about me section of this blog as well as some other basic info. Well I think I´ll call that a wrap,




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So I went to a small town called Ronda the other day which is about a 2 hour bus ride out of seville. The town here is beautiful and as soon as i can ill upload some pictures of the area. The town is very old and built on the side of a giant canyon. There was a beautiful old bridge there that I got some amazing pictures of as well as a bunch of old cool museums. We went into an ancient mine and got to visit the hanging gardens of an old moorish palace as well as traveling to the bottom of the canyon. There was also a nice nature hike for a few hours which was hot but very pretty. The entire town was filled with old churches and narrow stone winding streets. There were a bunch of extreme sports guys jumping off of some of the structures on motorcycles but for the most part they stayed away from everyone else. Anyway, for anyone interested in visiting seville, Ronda is a must see and i would recommend it as a great day trip!


Trials in Cordoba

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So on Saturday night I met my friend weston in Cordoba at the train station. We met at around 10 pm and all was hunky dory until we remembered that being idiots we hadn´t booked a hostal. Luckily for us all of them we could find, and we tried around 12, were all full up. So we managed to get a reservation for the following day, and spend the night until noon the following day hanging out in the train station and later in some nice parks. It was fun watching movies on westons mp3, but after sleeping right around 12 hours after checking in the next day we are abit more aware of setting up reservations. Otherwise Cordoba was nice and we are now in a hostel in seville trying to figure everything out. I am still having some trouble getting my pack adjusted and my back hurts a bit from carting around so much in my day bag. Now we are finding a hostel for tomorrow and planning to go to cadiz tomorrow. We wont see much of seville because we had a lot to do today and i now own a cell phone or mobile. Otherwise all is well and i am feeling a bit better then i was the other day. All in all an experience i will remember forever!



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Yesterday I went to Cadiz and it was beautiful. The coast was rugged and georgous and the weather was a little wet but not bad. We explored the cathedral there and I was very impressed. We got to explore the big castles on the coast as well as one on a tiny island nearby which was connected only by a thin long bridge. We only were there for a day trip and later returned to a hostel in Seville for my last night in the city. All in all a beautiful trip!


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Granada was great, and probably one of the most beautiful cities that i have ever been to. It is a college town and you could tell because there were a lot of hippies, as well as some propositions to buy pot and Coccaine? We stayed in a small hostel called the funky backpackers and it was a wonderful hostel with 6 roomates total. We visited the alambra and the gardens which were amazing and took almost 5 hours to see. The fortress there is huge and the palaces are very ornate. I took around 100 pictures just of that place and still missed things! Our first day we simply wandered around the town and saw the sights and 2 days there ended up being the perfect amount of time to see everything. The only problems we had were when our train broke down and we had an hour delay before a bunch of busses came to pick us up! The artwork there is amazing and I have never seen so beautiful of chess boards. The language barriar is a bit of a hastle but so far i am loving spain! All in all Granada is a must see!



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So far madrid is a huge city and a lot of fun. We have had problems from the get go however as the first hostal we stayed in was this little hole in the wall and i am pretty sure had bed bugs. We then moved to a really great hostal called the 3 amigos but they were booked full today and we could only find a 4 star hotel outside of the city that had any vacancies. Its a bit pricey, but very nice and now i am booking everything about a week ahead of time. So much for this being the off season, maybe in another month. The weather here is very nice and the gardens in madrid are large and beautiful. The city on a whole is fairly new and tries to look rather old which makes the whole city seem kind of fake or like a large wannabe tourist center. THe city is very nice however, even if the trains are a bit hard to figure out, and the museums are beautiful. We visited the museum of modern art yesterday and saw many works by salvador dali as well as pablo piccasso and others. Well now i am thinking of heading back into the city but tomorrow we will go to segovia and then on to salamanca. Sorry if the blog is a bit sparratic but I am a bit tired from walking everywhere and not many places offer internet access. Hopefully i can upload some pics tonight!


1. Nice
2. Marsilles
3. Lyon
4. Avignon
5. Toulouse
6. Nantes
7. Paris / Versilles
8. Reims
9. Nancy

Belgium and Netherlands

1. Brussels

1. Amasterdam
2. Rotterdam


1. Berlin
2. Leipzeig
3. Hamburg / Heidelburg
4. Munich
5. Nurenburg
6. Dresden
7. Hanover
8. Dusseldorf
9. Neuscwanstein


1. Zurich
2. Bern
3. Geneva


1. Venice
2. Pisa
3. Rome / Vatican City
4. Naples
5. Milan
6. Genova
7. Torino
8. Verona

Ireland - UK

1. Dublin
2. Waterford
3. West Port
4. Belfast

United Kingdom

1. London
2. Bristol
3. Manchester
4. York
5. Edinburgh
6. Glasgow