Middle Fork of the Salmon - Pool Campground

Day 6 (27.7 miles) to Tumble Creek campground

This is our longest day, although we made it 13 miles to Rattlesnake cave in 3 hours. Don and I took the raft for the first 5 miles and fished to the Flying B ranch (which has a small store). The fish were not hitting the Mepps spinners at all, but loved the Sonic spinners. Rattlesnake cave is a large overhang near the river with a large, flat sandy floor and red pictographs of Indians shooting animals with bows. Jack Creek rapids are three easy drops. This day has much more of a Westwater canyon type feel with large waves and turbulent eddies. The canyon also changed today to huge shear rhyolite cliffs that tower above the river. Numerous waterfalls now tumble down into the river in spectacular display and the Bighorn sheep are easier to spot.

A huge waterfall in river right above Big Creek marks the mouth of Waterfall creek. Good cliff diving and jumping at Cutthroat cove. Boat diving at 14' and jumping at up to 80'. Big fast waves and larger holes continue to Redside and Weber rapids, both of which are over fairly quickly. The best cliff diving spot of the trip is at Parrott Placer where the kayaks can be slid off from an overhanging ledge 18' up into a deep pool. Watch out for the wall on river left at Cliffside rapid. Tumble Creek campground is on a high bench about 25' above the river. This campsite is well used and has spectacular high cliffs that tower 1000' above the camp from across the river.

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