Middle Fork of the Salmon - Pungo Creek Campground

Day 3 (18.8 miles) to Whitey Cox Campground

Up a little later for breakfast and drying out in the sun. A completely cloudless day and quite warm. Easy, playful paddling to Marble Creek rapid.

We did our first cliff diving of the trip by pushing the boats from a ledge right above Marble Creek. Marble creek rapid is above an eddyless stretch of river with a large shallow gravel bar on river right. A mid-river tongue, leads easily through the bottom with two turbulent holes on either side. Tom nearly lost his helmet in one of these holes.

Sunflower flat hot springs flows out on a board above a ledge at the river's edge, creating a warm shower. The two upper pools are much warmer at 120 and 109 degrees. This was a very relaxing lunch stop. A great endo hole is on river right, before Pine Creek Flat campground. Very turbulent water below will test your rolling ability.

Jackass rapid is fun with large boulders on the left, and not much of consequence below. The water continues to get more powerful, but the river is not noticeably bigger than yesterday.

Whitey Cox campground is on a large gravel and sand bar next to a large pool in the river. An upper bench has the hot springs and outhouse with a nice grassy meadow containing a small pond.

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