Middle Fork of the Salmon - Otter Bar

Day 7 Sunday (9 miles) to Cache Bar

Up at 7:30 and then breakfast of Eggs and ham on English muffins, yum! We were on the river like clockwork at 10:30. We loaded the big “snake log” onto the front of Judy’s raft for extra ballast.

A bit over a half mile from camp is Rubber rapid. This had the largest water on the river and is extremely fun. Bob’s huge raft disappeared from my vantage point in the below-rapid eddy, then another mile to the almost as big water of Hancock rapid. The rest of the rapids whipped by as we tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to catch these monsters for a few last sweet surf rides.

We hit the takeout at about 12:30. Dave and Marty were waiting for us, full of smiles when we arrived. Loading the gear onto the cars and distributing the extra food took till 3:00. Katy, Jill and Ron headed back to Stanley in Katy’s truck with Ron’s raft. Ten of us caravanned to Twin Falls and had a final dinner at Applebee’s before heading our separate ways.

Jim, Bob and I headed for the same camping spot that we hit in Utah on the way up. We bedded down in the sage at 1:00 AM. The next morning we were in the car at 5:30 AM not long after it started raining because we were getting wet and mosquito bitten. A great breakfast in Ogden made us all feel much better.