Middle Fork of the Salmon - Trail Camp

Day 6 Saturday (26 miles) to Otter Bar

We had bean and rice breakfast burritos with sausages for breakfast and got on the river at 10:30. This morning was wet but not too cold and the sun came out on the river all morning.

Today had some of the best playing in the morning of my boating career. Haystack was large and could be run on the left or right but be left at the bottom! I eddied out in the very center and watched all the boats go through. Jack, Jack, Jack was fun, fun, fun!

We hiked briefly to the Rattlesnake cave wit a big sandy floor near the water and looked at the pictographs of people with large penises hunting. We had lunch of large left-over burritos with tomatoes and avocados and beer. Everyone was starting to get tired in the afternoon so less playing, but running the huge waves was great fun.

Otter Bar camp is on a sandy spit next to the river. There is a great kitchen area, very close to the boats next to a huge ponderosa pine and a smaller tree, making setting up the tarp a breeze. This is a tent-city camp and quite relaxing. The sauna was setup and most of our group partook. I took a break for an hour and read Anne Tyler. We played horseshoes to almost 11:00 in the dark; using flashlights until eventually it was just Midnight and I playing to the end, trading off close games.

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