Middle Fork of the Salmon - Shelf Camp

Day 5 Friday (16.5 miles) to Trail Camp

Up and at em at 6:30 to get breakfast going. We cooked blueberry and walnut pancakes with bacon, oranges and coffee. The pancakes took forever because we had only 2 burners going. Cleaning up the bacon and dished took a long time so I was about the last one packed up.

This was a cold day bur surfing and squirting kept my furnace stoked. Not nearly as good playing as yesterday but still some great spots! Tappan was a straight shot down the right, into huge standing waves. The first of the Tappans is marked by an island, just upstream.

We pulled off for a lunch of salmon and cream cheese mixed, peanut butter and celery crackers, pita, granola bars and cookies. Johnny Walker camp was windy so we ate back in the tall grass behind some large bushes. After lunch, the rafts were loaded with firewood.

We pulled off for the night at Trail camp. Jim G, Chris, Steve and Mike then left for Love Bar camp because they need to get off tomorrow. Trail is a nice sandy camp, but a bit exposed to the wind. I took a nap and Ron took a long steam bath, which compounded the effects of many beers so Jim C did dinner for him. It turned out to be a great dinner of Mahi-Mahi, salmon, haddock, rice pilot and Dutch oven cake. A nice evening and the sun came out for an hour, and then the wind picked up before dinner, then calm afterwards. Judy hiked to the Mormon camp, but the old hot springs were not flowing except for a small seep. I sat around the fire until 11:00 PM. It rained on and off all night but cleared up by the morning although it was still cloudy. This morning our second stove died, but Craig cannibalized pats from the other broken stove to get the Coleman running again. Speaking of Craig, he sets up his tent under a large tarp so gear can dry and he can pack up without getting wet – pretty clever.

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