Middle Fork of the Salmon - Pungo Creek Camp

Day 4 Thursday (21 miles) to Shelf Camp

Finally, we had a nice sunny day although it was cloudy and cold until we were on the water for a half hour. Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, French toast and sausages with coffee. Jim C walked around camp at 7:00 AM giving everyone a wake-up call, so we managed to get on the river by 10:30.

Today was a great play day with sore fingers and back but lots of smiles all around. Marble Creek rapid had two fantastic surfing waves. A new river-wide ledge hole was not too far below this.

We stopped for lunch at sunflower flats hot springs with a nice warm pool directly overlooking the river from 20 feet up. Jim stopped by the Middle Fork lodge to get word from Dave and Marty. They were doing fine and will meet us at the take-out.

Some fantastic surfing and play spots with much more oomph because of the larger river. Katy had to ride on her raft and pump because Judy’s tube had a leak. We stopped briefly at Whitey Cox camp and Ron checked the springs which were infested with mites. Only two more miles of paddling to camp.

Jim, Katy and I setup the kitchen and cooked a dinner of clams with white sauce over fettuccini with blush wine and a large salad. Chris patched the hole in Katy’s raft while she worked on dinner. We had melted chocolate on crackers with strawberries for dessert. Jim and Katy hiked the 2 miles to Look Creek hot springs at 8:30 after we had finished cleaning up. I opted to sit around the fire with Craig, Tammy, Bob and Ron for a while and got to my tent at 10:30 and to bed 45 minutes later.

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