Middle Fork of the Salmon - Trail Flat Camp

Day 2 Tuesday (5.9 miles) to Sheep Eater Camp

Up and I wasted some tome hiking a mile down to the Fire Island camp and used the pit toilet there while looking for our groover. We had a big breakfast of potatoes and scrambled eggs.

We got on the river at 11:00 AM. Ran the chutes with a wave train down the center. A little later we ran Powerhouse which at this level was a two stage drop with waves up top and a cliff face below on river right.

Sheepeater Camp has easy access to the camp from the rafts. Camp sites are well spread out in a grassy meadow. We went right up the springs after unloading the rafts and soaked in the pool for an hour (8 of us) and then got started on a project inspired by Bob to double the size of the pool with a little creative rock rearrangement. This took another hour. We got back to camp where Ron and Midnight dominated the horseshoe pit until dark. We had a big dinner of chicken pasta with little pies for dessert. I went to bed early and just as I got the tent sealed up, it started raining and it continued raining all night! I started to read a book, but after reading the same first paragraph three times without it making sense, I fell asleep.

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