Middle Fork of the Salmon - Boundary Creek

Day 1 Monday (6.9 miles) to Trail Flat Camp

Up and had breakfast in camp of melons and something else. We worked on rigging the rafts and getting gear accumulated. We had a safety talk and lined the rafts down the big ramp with Jim G’s caving rope. The rafts (mostly empty) went down first and then everyone carried gear for the rafts afterwards. This process was repeated for the next raft… We drove the cars to the upper parking lot (about 1 mile) where the River Rat express will pick them up in a few days for our shuttle.

We put on the river at 3:00 PM. Very nice weather and lots of playing on this short day on the river.

We scouted Velvet Falls and everyone ran it with no problems, even though getting left was tricky because of a strong eddy line behind the big square rock. Several of the kayaks got spun around in the eddy line. Jim G ran the “hero line” through Velvet.

We got to Trail Flat Camp which is a large bench about fifty feet up from the river with a series of small hot spring pools along the river bank from the upper landing (the best pool) down to the lower landing. We quickly unloaded the rafts, and then had a cold beer and a soak in the hot springs for about 2 hours. We even had hour-dorves (cheese, oysters & crackers) brought down to us on a tray. We had a nice campfire and Grahm (drunk), Steve, Mike and I sat around the file. Everyone else had gone to bed when Steve and I put the fire out. There was a nice soothing thunderstorm during the evening.

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