Thomas Bidwell b Dec-27-1682 died at sea 1716 (34)

Born in Hartford, CT.
In 1707 at 24, Jonathan married the 24 year old Prudence Scott. Prudence was born in New Haven to Edward and Elizabeth (Webster) Scott of New Haven, CT.

Thomas and his brother John were administrators of their father's and mother's estate.
He lived in Hartford and had a store north of the state house between Exchange corner and the Hartford Bank.

He was also an owner of trading vessels and was lost at sea in 1716, while on a voyage to the Barbados for rum and sugar.

Colonial Records

page 263, Aug-1711, he is mentioned in a list of persons whose goods were impressed for the expedition to Canada.
page 575: Upon the petition of Mr. Edward Bromfield of Boston (Oct-1716) against the administrator of Thomas Bidwell, late of Hartford deceased, resolved by this assembly that the administrator of said Thomas Bidwell be fully impowered and enabled and is hereby enabled to prosecute said Bidwell.
Review entered at the Superior Court in March last past and to persue the issue already joined by said Bidwell and no other at the Superior Court at Hartford in March next, and in case the administrtor shall refuse or neglect so to do, then it is hereby determined that execution shall go forth upon the judgement already given in the court aforesaid upon such estate of said Bidwell as is already seized by said Bromfield, or so much thereof as will answer said debe, if so much there be and shall not extent to any other estate of said Bidwells nor to the person of the administrator.

Town Records of Hartford

Vol 2 from 1700-1712, page 325: Thomas is mentioned
Vol 3 from 1712-1721, pages 21, 88, 127, 204, 210, 262 : Thomas is mentioned
Vol 3 from 1712-1721, pages 217-232 and Vol 5 from 1728-1735 Prudence is mentioned.

Hartford, CT Town Clerks Office Records

In the original distribution of the of town, page 504: Thomas Bidwell of Hartford bought of Baley P. Baker some land called South Meadow, May-13-1709.
Page 505: He bought land in May-1709, of William Roberts, also part of a saw mill.

New Haven Land Records

These records show Prudence selling off her considerable land holdings starting 3 years after her husband Thomas died.

Vol 5, page 283: Prudence Bidwell of Hartford, CT, sold land at New Haven, Aug-4-1719, 2 1/2 acres for 5 pounds.
Vol 6, page 302: She sold 4 3/4 acres for 9 pounds and 15 shillings.
Vol 6, page 627: She sold 15 acres for 20 pounds.
Vol 7, page 231: she sold 1/4 acre, Nov-26-1726 for 18 pounds.
Vol 9, page 477: she sold 71/2 acres and 34 1/2 rods for 4 pounds on May-20-1739.
Vol 9, page 476: She sold 2 acres for 6 pounds on May-10-1734.
Vol 10, page 3: She sold land for 8 pounds on May-10-1743.
Vol 12, page 254: She sold land for 10 pounds on May-26-1744.

Land Records at Windsor, CT

Vol 8, page 169: Prudence Bidwell of Windsor, CT, bought of Issac Butler of Windsor, land there Dec-18-1744.
Vol 8, page 170: Widow Prudence Bidwell received a grant of land from the town of Windsor, CT, in exchange for some land the town took for a highway at Wintonbury, CT, Oct-5-1747.
Vol 9, page 82: Prudence Bidwell of Windsor, CT, bought of Samuel Barber of Windsor, there there Oct-5-1747. Vol 16, page 37: Jonathan Bidwell sold to Jonathan Bidwell Jr. both of Windsor, part of the real estate of Prudence Bidwell of Hartford, but late at Windsor, CT.