Frederick Boyer Noss

Fredrick Boyer Noss was born in Japan on June 3, 1901.
In 1916, at the age of 15 he came to the United States to attend Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, graduating in 1919.

He graduated from Princeton University in 1923.

After graduation, he worked for one year as a teacher at Massanutten Academy in Woodstock, Virginia.
He then went to Lancaster Theological Seminary; he graduated in May, 1927 with a bachelors of Divinity.
He married Emily Letitia Miller, and was then a minister at the Congregational Church in Boxford, MA while he was attending Harvard Divinity School. His daughter Tish was born during this time. He studied part-time for several years before abandoning his studies.
Frederick said "When you are going for a Doctorate in Theology, you know more and more about less and less".

In 1930, he was the assistant minster at the South Congrational Church in Andover MA.

Within a year, he became the minister of the church and and remained the minster for 37 years, until he retired in 1967.