Frederick Clark Bidwell b May-16-1869 d Jan-18-1945 (76)

Frederick was born in Bloomfield Connecticut. He was educated in the little brick school house of the South Middle District in Bloomfield, and at Bloomfield Academy and the Hartford Public High School, from which he graduated in 1888.

He began his business career at the age of 19 with Tracy, Tarbox and Robinson, hardware dealers on Asylum Street, Hartford, with whom he served a thorough apprenticeship in the business which he has since followed. He remained the this company for 13 years, until 1901. The experience gained in their employ proved of lasting value when he came to establish his own enterprise, the Bidwell Hardware Company, Inc.

As founder and president of the Bidwell Hardware company, Inc. of Hartford, Frederick Clark Bidwell directed an interprise whose steady develoment during the 20th century, established him as one of the leading merchants of the city. Under his Sound management and able leadership, the company which bears his name grew steadily, maintaining high standards of quality and service. The response of the public is indicated in its successful history. He was also conspicuous for many years in the civic life of Hartford and Blooomfield, where he made his home.