Emily Letitia Miller

Emily with her grandson Chris right after his baptism in Christmas 1956

Emily was born in Reading Pennsylvania on March 21, 1904.
She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs. James Milton Miller.
She graduated in 1925 from Mount Holyoke College, continuing her education at Salem State Teachers' College in Massachusetts.

Emily began a career in teaching at Reading Junior High School in Pennsylvania.
She married Frederick Noss on July 29, 1927.
She worked in public and private schools in Andover MA for 15 years, from 1951 to 1966, while her husband Frederick served as the 13th paster of South Church.

She was a member of

  • the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
  • the Wilderness Society
  • the South Church in Andover
  • She served on numerous boards and committees during her many years in Andover.