Donald George Spencer

His life in a nutshell

He was born on Dec 29, 1926 in Regina Saskatchewan. They soon moved to Frasier Mills BC. lived there with his dad (who was working for the railroad in Canada) and two brothers until his dad died when Don was 12. At that point the 3 boys went to live with their mother and two sisters in Madison WI. His mother was in Madison to be with the daughters who were attending the university. He went to Madison East High School until he left to join the marines at 16 ,that would be 1942.

He fought as a machine gunner in the war in the pacific and then as a soldier in Nagasaki Japan.

When he came home, he rented a room in the family home of Francis Rideout and her husband, where he met their young daughter Jeanne. He went to Business School in Madison working as a milkman and then was a traveling agent for awhile. Jeanne and Don were married in 1946. One year later Doug was born Don worked for an insurance company in Madison (where Charlene was born), then in Milwaukee WI (Where Carolyn was born), then in Beloit WI. He loved playing the trumpet and was an avid hunter and fisherman.

They moved to Wichita KS in 1960 when Carolyn was 4. Don got a job in the Beacon building in Downtown Wichita as an insurance agent. He enjoyed boating and jam sessions at his house in Wichita around a custom piano they had built in the living room with an attached bar. He joined the Friends University Symphony where he played the trumpet. He became an avid bird hunter in Kansas and raised Brittany Spaniels for that explicit purpose. He would travel to NM (Los Pinos) and Colorado to go fly fishing. He enjoyed golf He loved to EAT! He liked to travel too, in the states! He loved his amateur Ham radio and his son Doug also enjoyed being under his wing in every aspect from the Morse code to the single side band. By him teaching Doug the Morse code he was set aside from being put in front line infantry combat in Vietnam. He was thinking of all that. He owned his own company in Wichita called the Insurance Exchange for many years.

In 1991 he moved to Montrose,Co to be near his daughter Carrie. The weather in Montrose proved to be proved to be too hard on Jeanne (who had severe scoliosis), so in 1992 he and Jeanne moved to Eureka, Ca A year later 2 severe earthquakes hit Eureka causing damage and causing Don and Jeanne to make a final move to Newport, Or. He continued to fish in Oregon and even had a little outboard to fish for salmon and trout. He loved to read.