Christopher Noss

Christopher Noss was born on Sept. 23, 1869 in Huntington, Indiana.

He attended Franklin and Marshall Academy, and received his theology degree from Lancaster Theological Seminary.
He worked as a missionary in Japan for 41 years, from 1893-1934.

He married his first wife, Lura Boyer, on Oct. 22, 1895.
They had six children before her death in 1907.

Christopher then remarried to Carol (Carolyn) Day, a 1905 graduate of Mount Holyoke College, on July 14, 1909.
Carolyn is related the Days in Colchester, CT Area, in fact the Day Rd in Granby is named for her family!
They remained in Japan and had six more children.

Christopher Noss wrote of his Maternal family tree in the Early History of the Heiney Family