Annabelle Isabel Noss

Anna Isabel Noss was born in Japan on December 4, 1899.
She graduated from Northfield Seminary in Northfield, Mass. in 1917 and from Mount Holyoke College in 1921.
She was an English teacher at Ilion High School (Ilion, N.Y.) 1921-1923, then went to the Oberlin College Kindergarten Training School 1923-1924 to prepare for work as a missionary in Japan.
She did not go to Japan, however, and in 1925 was an assistant teacher at the Carter School in Princton, N.J.
She married Ivan Robert Welty on Jan-1-1926, enrolled in the Oberlin College School of Theology and received her M.A. there in 1928. The Welty's had four children.